Universal Boat Lift with PWC Dock

The patented drive-on ramp we use in all our boat lifts has the capacity to guide all sorts of ships into a safe dry-dock. Nowhere is that more clear than in our Universal Boat Lift with PWC Dock, which can be used to compactly, stylishly and simultaneously dry-dock both a boat and a personal watercraft. Is your craft of unusual shape or design? No problem - this lift can be completely customized in order to fit the exact specifications of your ships. Contact us today to learn more about the modularity and expandability of all our dry-docking solutions.

  • Assembled & Ready to Use
  • Perimeter Tie-Off Cleats for Extra Security
  • Security System Ready
  • Peace of Mind: Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Water-Draining, Dry, Self-Bailing, Deck
  • Expandable Walk-Around Space for Boarding and Deboarding
  • Customizable, Modular, Changeable Configurations
  • Non-Skid Safe Surface
  • Patented Drive-On Ramped Design
  • Bow Retention Winch Turret
  • Rugged Polyethylene Construction
  • Patent-Pending Submersible Deck Innovations

Diagrams & Technical Schematics