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Jet Dock offers the best in boat lifts and dock solutions, whether you're looking to lift a PWC, small boat or large performance boat. Our patented lift design allows easily drive on and drive off docking, making your trip on the water one to enjoy! Stop worrying and start boating.

We serve the entire state of Michigan, including Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Ludington, Cadillac, Houghton Lake, Alpena, Saginaw, Metro Detroit, Lake St. Clair, Algonac, and Port Huron.

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Floating Docks, Boat Lifts, and Jet Ski Lifts by Jet Dock

Why is a Jet Dock system a superior product compared to the rest worldwide? The answer is simply quality, ease of use, the ability to lift and dock your boat or PWC, and peace of mind. Drive-on accessibility makes Jet Dock systems the best floating boat lifts on the market today.

Drive-On Lifts and Boat Docks

Jet Dock's are so easy to use, to deploy your craft, simply drive off and you're ready to enjoy the water. Our floating docks are known for their versatility and work just as well with kayaks and jet skis, as they do for large pontoon boats, catamarans, and yachts.

Boat Lift Installation

Unlike other floating boat lift systems, there is no cranking or manual lifting required, making the use of our boating product an enjoyable experience. Jet Dock Systems don't use any electrical parts or require any complicated tools to install. Our boat lifts and docks require no maintenance and are extremely portable for convenience.

To find out why our quality floating boat lift systems are preferred by so many, please explore our site to learn more! Our pontoon boat lifts are very popular!

Jet Ski Dock in Lake Huron

Jet Docks for the Seadoo Switch

Jet Dock is a worldwide leader in floating dock systems. With our patented modular dock technology, we have created the first-of-its-kind floating dock built for the Sea-Doo Switch pontoon. The Switch's tri-hull design (or tritoon as it is sometimes called) makes it a unique watercraft to dock. Our expertise in engineering drive-on docks for PWCs, boats and seaplanes made us uniquely situated to meet the needs of the newest Sea-Doo watercraft to hit the market.

Our configurable dock technology is the perfect water companion for the world's most configurable new boat. The Sea-Doo Switch pontoon fits easily and securely into our modular dock design. With expandable walkway configurations and additional accessories, you can secure your Sea-Doo Switch on the water — but not in the water — making it easy to clean and maintain.

Benefits of a floating boat lift system

Our floating docks and boat lifts are the safest, most user-friendly and convenient marine products available. The innovative lifting and buoyancy design is maintenance-free, so you can have more fun on the boat. Spend less time maintaining your equipment with our jet ski docks and pontoon boat lifts, as well.

As boats float close together and near pier structures, small electrical currents are produced between the various types of metals. Over time, this causes Electrolysis, the galvanic process that occurs can cause pitting to your boat’s underwater metal components, such as the rudder, outdrive, and propeller. That is why the Jet Dock line of products was designed to eliminate this type of corrosive damage!

An additional benefit, since your boat is lifted out of the water, is the prevention of impact damage caused by storm waves and wakes. No more rubbing against the dock! Not only will our product protect your boat, but also the mooring structures nearby.

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