Boat Lift Security System Accessories

A Jet Dock floating boat lift system is the perfect way to protect your boat from the water, but sometimes a little extra protection can help. Our boat lift security system accessories below are the perfect addition to your Jet Dock and they will keep your boat safe and securely locked to the floating dock. The parts below may be able to be used on your PWC floating dock as well. Contact us with any questions and for assistance is ordering your security system accessories.

After Market HD Security System - A High Security System used to lock watercraft to the Jet Dock. After Market Security System is available with 3' (A136) or 6' (A139) of triple hardened steel chain with blue covering and ABUS Heavy Duty Lock. A Heavy Duty Security System is also available to lock a Jet Dock to an existing dock or seawall. (#A137)
Standard Duty Boat Dock Security System - Can be added to boat and pwc docks for added security. Includes ABUS Marine Resettable lock and cable. (#A130)