Floating PWC and Jet Ski Lifts

When stored in the water, PWC and jet ski hulls can suffer delamination and intake fouling. With Jet Dock's floating PWC docks and jet ski lifts, you'll save your craft from undue wear and tear and improve ease of use.

Conventional, mechanical boat lift devices are difficult to adapt to personal watercraft. Jet Dock's floating PWC lifts solve problems associated with boarding, launching and dry-docking your PWC. Jet Dock is the leader in floating PWC lift options.

Designed for Portability

Traditional electronic and metal PWC lifts cannot be removed from the water easily and require expensive tools and manpower. They are designed to stay in the water, which can cause extra wear and tear and can have an impact on marine life. Jet Dock’s PWC and Jet Ski lifts are designed to be portable, and easily remove your PWC and your floating PWC lift in the off-season for storage indoors. Uninstalling your personal watercraft lift is simple, and will help prolong the life of your Jet Dock and PWC.

Drive-on Design

Jet Dock’s PWC floating lifts and Jet Ski lifts are designed with the user in mind. Our PWC lifts feature a simple drive on design and ample walk-around space, making it easy to board, unboard, and launch your personal watercraft.

No Special Tools Required

Floating PWC lifts are easy to install with simple cleats and connectors and don’t require special tools. Our PWC and floating Jet Ski lifts provide you with everything you need to quickly install and enjoy.

No floating PWC and Jet Ski lift on the market today can deliver the benefits of a Jet Dock. Personal watercraft's aren't intended to be stored in the water forever. Keep them dry with PWC or jet ski lifts from Jet Dock!

Single PWC Lifts

Two & Three Passenger PWC Lifts

  • Universal PWC Lift
  • Universal HD PWC Lift
  • Universal XL PWC Lift
  • Economy PWC Lift

Stand Up PWC Lifts

  • Universal Stand Up PWC
  • Economy Stand Up PWC

In Line PWC Lift Designs

  • 2 Slip Universal In Line PWC Lift
    All Designs Modular, Expandable 
    & Interchangeable

Twin PWC Lifts

Two & Three Passenger PWC Lifts

  • Twin Universal PWC Lift
  • Twin Universal HD PWC Lift
  • Twin Universal XL PWC Lift
  • Twin Economy PWC Lift

Stand Up PWC Lifts

  • Twin Universal Stand Up PWC Lift
  • Twin Economy Stand Up PWC Lift

In Line PWC Lift Designs

  • Twin 2 Slip Universal In Line PWC Lift
    All Designs Modular, Expandable
    & Interchangeable

Combination Boat & PWC Lifts

  • Universal Boat & 1 PWC Combo Lift
  • Universal Boat & 2 PWC's Combo Lift

Each of the floating PWC lifts we carry have a standard set of features that traditional lifts simply don't offer. Consider our features when compared to other floating jet ski dock manufacturers.

The Most Important Jet Ski Lift & PWC Dock Features To Consider:

  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Durable high-density polyethylene construction
  • Patented, easy-to-use drive-on ramped design
  • Modular: which enables multiple changeable configurations
  • Non-skid surface for safety
  • Expandable & fully customizable walk-around space
  • Perimeter tie-off cleats
  • Security system ready
  • A self-bailing dry deck: water draining technology
  • Bow retention winch turret
  • Patent-pending submersible deck
  • Assembly by a local expert